Looking Good!!!

Thursday 11th July 2024

Hi All,

As you can see theres been a lot of work done. Not just aesthetically either. We've finally settled on the type of genre the singleplayer is going to take on. Obviously the online multiplayer is the main card game but as of now, single player will be a turn-based strategy. In the next update i'll have a few screenshots and some more info on that but the developement process is going well and i can't wait to share something you can get your teeth into.... 



Tuesday 21st June 2024

Hi All,

No real update, apart from a complete system upgrade but I have a sneak peak video of some of the major targets in the game. Each one with their own agenda and each one will do what it takes to acheive it. A real host of characters. All asa bad as each other. Take them all down or use them to your advantage. The choice is yours.


Too Much Lore To Ignore!

Tuesday 4th June 2024

Hi All,

We've decided that due to the massive amounts of lore and storyline, we will have 2 separate sections to the game but still only one game. There will be the main story which will take place at a remote location and then there will be branches from the storyline that will require the player to go to other environments

Extremely excited about this and making massive amounts of progress, will keep the updates coming. To the left you can see "Hera" one of a few different handlers available to you in the game. Right now though, we'll keep some cards close o our collective chest.


Trying To Make a Killing

Tuesday 14th May 2024

Hi All,

Today marks the first mention of another project we're working on. We are super excited to say more about it and while it's just been announced, were going to keep things on the DL for now. We hope to have some news on "To Make a Killing" very soon. Hopefully in the next week or two. Right now the webpage is fairly sparse with info, so we hope to populate this too with screenshots and hopefully gameplay. I will say the soundtrack to it is fairly sweet. Well, i think so anyway. 






The Grand Procurement

Thursday 22nd February 2024

Hi Everyone, 

We have done lot of work in the procurement of assets which will not only speed things along but will make the visuals a bit more appealing. The forge is currently being coded slowly. The forge is a method of forging new cards from dupes of just regular cards in the hopes you receive a nice card. there will be a recipe feature but are still in talks as to how to implement it. 

So it's all go on a few different fronts, my rocket league rank is suffering because of this!! 

As this is just a minor update i hope to have another one before the end of the month.

The Underdark

Tuesday 25th March 2024

Hi Everyone,

Alastria's underworld has now been created, The Underdark, although we have lore and e-books with the references of the underworld. We can now put a map to the names. 

We are also looking at the possibility of splitting the game into two one for mobile and one for PC, there will be a story mode for the PC but for mobile we are looking at going down the GPRS real-time information route. It may not come to fruition but we're entertaining the idea.  We still have a lot of admin work on the database to do so theres going to be a boring month at some stage but we'll continue to ignore it for now.. 

Two Backers and a Funeral

Tuesday 19th March 2024

Hi All, 

So, Sensationally bad timing killed off our first and possibly last attempt at Kickstarter. I made the project live and then my mother passed away, so my head wasn't exactly on the project anymore. Time went by and money was wasted on doomed advertising campaigns, also people claiming the game was a scam, seemingly thats a thing now. Not to mention the scores of aggressive scammers trying to sell me marketing campaigns because they truly believe in our creation..... Sure.

So while development had slowed we've been looking into different delivery systems and publishers. While a publisher has made contact with us. We are keeping our options open. (the contract is a bit too small printy) but were confident publishing won't be an issue.





The Beginning

Thursday 22nd February 2024

Hi Everyone, 

Today marks the day we go into pre-launch on Kickstarter, it's a very exciting time for us. We've already sunk hundreds of hours into building a world and building CoXistence and knowing it'll be out there in kickstarter for all to see slightly scares the shit out of me but we didn't come all this way to keep it to ourselves.

This month our focus is on developing a story for single player and putting all of the pieces together to have the right blend of practical, intrigue and fun.

We hope to have regular updates good, bad or indifferent and We hope that come the time of launching, you will make a pledge and enjoy the ride with us.