To Make a Killing - Enter the world of mercenary warfare and corporate espionage, where friends are rare and enemies are waiting. Set in a ficticious world, you are a mercenary who finds himself in the position to allign with others to carry out missions across the globe missions that may lead to places you didn't expect. Decisions are the key to how the fight pans out. Money still goes a long way but skill and instincts are key when you need to make a killing.


CoXistence - A card game based on the characters, events and places in the broad and fictional worlds of Alastria, to which the Tales of CoXistence graphic novels are set in.

Based on the mechanics of Triple Triad, CoXistence goes in a different direction, with 8 points of attack, a 4x4 board and a randomized playing field every game. Each player has a hand of 6 cards and will play cards one after another on the board, looking to have the higher attack than your opponent